No Queues. No Cash. No Hassle

As the hospitality industry begins to emerge from forced hibernation and reopens, the way in which we all trade, shop and interact will be fundamentally different. 

Bars, restaurants and their customers are seeking more contactless options. There is need to enhance customer confidence without compromising on the customer experience and customers are seeking convenience, value and safety. Mimu delivers on all counts.  

Mimu is the mobile phone app that offers a greater level of service to your customers, whilst ensuring social distancing regulations are maintained.

It facilitates food and drink table service, bar collection, takeaway and delivery – no queues, no cash, no hassle.

What do people have to say about Mimu?

"I loved the fact that I could order drinks from our seats and not miss the conversation with friends".
- Gavin  
"Mimu is a great idea and worked in practice, only had to take 4 steps from the table and return to collect our pre-ordered drinks, refreshing not to have to line up and wait for service, but spent all of your time out with your friends, which is why you go out in the first place. "
- Michael
" I used to get so frustrated queuing up to order my round of drinks, seeing my mates cracking up really annoyed me - I was missing out! but now with this Mimu app I can stay part of the conversation.
I can order anything any time - even food! Way to go Mimu!"
- Gary

How does Mimu work

Order and Pay

Find the venue, browse their menu, chose between in-venue takeaway or delivery, order and pay with your mobile.

Get Notified

Mimu will keep you up to date with the progress of your order,  with real time alerts and notifications on your mobile.

Simple Payment

Everything can be done from the app. You don't have to pay at the venue, ask for a bill or queue for your orders. It's that simple!

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Spend more time in conversation with your friends and family. Less time waiting at the bar.

Mimu gives you the ability to order and pay for your food and drinks from your mobile phone, and avoid the queue.

If the venue doesn't facilitate table service then Mimu will alert you to let you know when it's time to collect your order.