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Mimu for your Business

Mimu is the mobile phone app that offers a greater level of service to your customers, whilst ensuring social distancing regulations are maintained.

Join now and get access to the Mimu community. Increase your customer base and spend.

Mimu facilitates food and drink table service, bar collection, take away and delivery – no queues, no cash, no hassle.

Mimu Benefits

Customer Service

With Mimu you can offer a greater level of customer service, enhancing their experience, and encouraging repeat patronage.

Cashless Transaction

Our secure payment system will help reduce transaction time and potential accounting errors, giving your staff more time to focus on serving your customers quicker and further increasing profits.

Select Service

Control the services that your venue offers.
In-venue, Takeaway and Delivery, are available to your venue to be selected as and when required.

Promotional Opportunities

Control your venue's menu and pricing while making use of Mimu as your promotional and marketing platform to advertise food and drink specials.

How does it work!

Mimu can be used to order In-Venue, Take away or Delivery

click on the video's below to see how it works!


This video demonstrates the steps in processing an In-Venue order.


This video demonstrates how to process an order for home delivery.

Interested to
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Interested to
know more?

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Leader of Hospitality Technologies

“The AHA supports and identifies Mimu as a leader of technology within the hospitality sector and is delighted to have them as a Corporate Sponsor”  - AHA WA

Asahi Premium Beverages

Mimu proudly supported by Asahi Premium Beverages